1. Aim

Ecocert inspection and certification program is designed to meet the requirements of the various public organic standards viz. NPOP (Indian), EC 834/2007 and 889/2008 (European), USDA (NOP) (US) and JAS (Japanese) and other private standards. Ecocert has also launched it's own fair trade standards – EFT (Ecocert Fair Trade) to address the socio-environmental concerns in the supply chains.

2. Steps for certification

The steps followed by ECOCERT for certification are stated below:

  1. Submission of application
  2. Cost Estimation
  3. Invoicing and payment of fees
  4. Signing of inspection contract
  5. Inspection and submitting the inspection report to the certification department
  6. Issuance of certification decision
  7. Compliance of certification decision and issuance of certificate
  8. Issue of Transaction Certificates/Inspection Certificates for traded lots

According to all the organic regulations. one annual inspection is compulsory for all the clients.

2.1 Submission of application

Applications should be as per the prescribed format – qinfo40(v10)en and submitted to:

Ecocert India Pvt. Ltd.
Unit number 801, 8th floor,
The Palm Sqaure, Sector 66,
Golf Course Extension Road, Gurgoan: 122102 Haryana, India
CIN: U74999HR2008FTC054001

Landline numbers: 0124-4313160 / (61)/(62)/(63)/(64)/(65)

Email: office.india@ecocert.com

2.2 Cost Estimate

A cost estimate is developed on the basis of the information provided in the application form which is then forwarded to the certification department for its review. Upon the receipt of the completed and updated information about the operator's activities, the inspection program, scope, schedule, location and other technical details are subsequently agreed upon. The cost estimate is sent to the operator for approval.

2.3 Invoicing and payment of fees

An invoice for payment is submitted after the approval of the cost estimate and agreement of procedures. Inspection is undertaken only after the payment of fees as mentioned in the invoice. Additional costs such as travel and analysis costs are raised after the inspection and have to be paid before the issuance of the certificate.

2.4 Signing of the inspection contract

A service contract is signed by the first time applicants stating a commitment to organic production. ECOCERT develops a quote specific to the operator for the inspection visit(s), certification(s) and possible analysis expected for the forthcoming year. By signing both the documents, the operators particularly commit themselves to:

ECOCERT should be informed about

2.5 Inspection and submitting the inspection report to the certification department

One of our experienced inspectors will be assigned the inspection visit. They will be selected according to the inspection program, the type of operation, language skills and knowledge of standards.

Logistic details such as an inspection schedule and notification of relevant partners on site will be arranged by the inspector himself/herself, in accordance with the detailed assignment the inspector receives from ECOCERT. Inspection includes introduction of the inspector and the inspection program, visits of fields and producers, taking samples for analysis if needed, inspection of premises, stocks and processing units, updating of documents, checking of bookkeeping records and final discussion.

Before the end of the visit, the inspector will summarize the deviations found from the standards. Fact finding and verification during inspection are reported and submitted together with all relevant documentation to the certification department of ECOCERT.

2.6 Issuance of certification decision

The Certification Department then makes the decision and reports back to the operator. It retrieves the findings of the inspection report, compares the findings with the respective standards and makes the decision according to the procedures approved by ECOCERT. The conclusions regarding deviations, conformity and improvement measures are clearly stated in the certification protocol which is then sent to the client along with the inspection report. The client signs the certification decision on acceptance and sends it back to the ECOCERT Office.

2.7 Compliance of certification decision and issuance of certificate

The operator, after receiving the certification decision has to comply with all the improvement actions as mentioned and agree upon the certification decision within the deadlines stipulated in the certification decision. The compliance to the improvement actions should be reported to the certification department by the operator. The certification department will verify the compliance to the improvement actions and if all the improvement actions are complied with then the "Certificate of Conformity" is issued to the operator.

2.8 Issue of Transaction Certificates/Inspection Certificates for traded lots

Before importation into the European Union, importers are required to apply for import authorization to the competent authorities in the country of import. For this purpose it may be necessary to submit the inspection report to the relevant authorities, which maybe done by client any time without approval from ECOCERT. ECOCERT however offers its services in preparing or presenting the import application and/or providing additional required documents.

To comply with the ongoing quantity checks and legal requirements, transaction certificates will be issued to the importer/buyer for each importation/traded lot of certified commodities into the European Union/USA or Japan. Based on the information supplied by the exporter, the certificate will usually be sent to the importer.

Follow-up of inspection and certification consists of updating relevant information of the project in the ECOCERT files. It includes the follow-up of improvements and conditions by the operations to continue compliance with the standard.

3. Confidentiality and Independence

EECOCERT is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of all the information provided for the purpose of inspection and certification.

The activities of ECOCERT are limited to inspection and certification.

Certification Process:

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